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As a Registered Professional Nurse and the founder of this site I have personally encountered many home health consumers that have a lot of questions and do not know where to go for answers. My best suggestions are for people to call their case managers, local social services departments, search online, connect with other consumers, etc, yet I always felt this was not enough.

My goal is to create and build a network where this information can be found and shared. I want the members of the community to know what resources are out there and where to go to obtain those services. I want each member in the community to know that they are not alone; not only are there people locally in similar situations, but nationwide! By utilizing my expertise and research combined with the experiences of consumers, caregivers and other healthcare professionals, I hope to provide a "go-to" place where people can turn for information and support.

In order to ensure that the information provided is as accurate, up-to date and unbiased as possible, all articles posted and authored by Home Care Grid have been researched using the most credible sources available. References are listed at the end of each article and valuable links to additional resources and documents can often be found within the articles.

While most information is based on services and policies within New York State, there are similar programs nationwide designed to aid Americans in terms of healthcare and medical provisions. We encourage each individual to check with their specific insurance provider and their state’s local social services for more information.

We hope you find the information provided as well as our networking tools invaluable. If you have questions or suggestions we encourage you to contact us. If there is a specific topic you'd like to learn more about, let us know and we'll do
the research for you!

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• Know exactly about what Medicaid has to offer

• Become aware of the different health care policies

• Learn from the wisdom of experienced caregivers

• No more unanswered questions and no-where-to-go feelings

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• Expand your knowledge on health care policies, labor laws and how they affect you!

• Grow your career by connecting with other people in the field

• Perfect opportunity in helping provide quality of life

• Develop new skills with like minded caregivers

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• Connect with consumers & expand your network

• Gain insight on hot topics in the home health community from different perspectives

• Provide valuable content through knowledge contributed

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